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Kickstarter is launching an app for Android

Kickstarter is launching an app for Android


Only three years after iOS

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Kickstarter is finally releasing an app for Android, launching the software on the Google Play Store today. The app will let users browse and back projects just like they do on the web, and has a number of features for spotlighting campaigns — including an activity feed combining updates on projects backed by users and by their friends. There's no way for project creators to manage their campaigns using the app unfortunately, but Kickstarter promises this functionality is coming "soon."

kickstarter android app

Screenshots from Kickstarter's new Android app. (Image credit: Kickstarter)

The company says the app's launch aims to capitalize on a year of international expansion, particularly in Europe where Android tends to have a larger market share than in the US. (Kickstarter launched its iOS app all the way back in 2013.) The crowdfunding platform launched in eight new European countries in 2015, bringing its total number of markets in the continent up to 18.

Kickstarter itself is having a bit of an uneven time this week: on the one hand, the most-funded game ever on the site got an iOS app; on the other, we finally learned a bit more about why Kickstarter's biggest European project failed. All the more reason to keep any news from the projects you back right in your pocket.