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Amazon will refund customers who bought hoverboards, government officials say

As reports of exploding hoverboards continue to mount, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission is continuing to investigate. In an update posted yesterday, the Commission said it continues to look into "a number of companies," but meanwhile dropped a bit of news for consumers: Amazon will refund hoverboards.

Amazon hasn't released a statement

"For consumers who purchased a hoverboard from Amazon, they can return the product right now for a full refund," Commission Chairman Elliot Kaye writes in the statement. "I want to commend Amazon for voluntarily stepping up, providing a free remedy and putting customer safety first."

Kaye points consumers to Amazon's contact page for more information on the refund, but no particular brands of hoverboard are specified in the statement, nor were any other possible restrictions on refund eligibility. Amazon has yet to make a statement of its own about the apparent refund.

Amazon had previously encouraged hoverboard buyers in the UK to throw out boards with "non-compliant UK plugs" in exchange for a refund. Last month, the company also pre-emptively took hoverboards off its shelves until companies proved they were compliant with safety regulations.