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Dropbox’s new Windows 10 app lets you secure your files with your face

Dropbox’s new Windows 10 app lets you secure your files with your face

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Dropbox is releasing a new Windows 10 app today, designed primarily for tablets running Microsoft's latest operating system. Like Netflix, the new Dropbox app takes advantage of Microsoft's universal app platform to run across Windows 10 tablets, PCs, and phones (with the mobile version due soon).

The most interesting change to Dropbox's updated app is the addition of Windows Hello support. Microsoft added Windows Hello to Windows 10 to allow users to log into machines with just their faces. It requires a special camera to use the facial recognition, but if you have a compatible PC then you'll be able to secure your Dropbox files with just your face. This is one of the first big apps to integrate Windows Hello, and I'm hopeful we'll see more apps do the same in the future. Windows Hello also works with fingerprint readers, so any compatible devices will also unlock your Dropbox files.

Dropbox Windows Hello

Dropbox's latest Windows 10 app might not be as flexible as the direct integration in File Explorer from the current desktop app, but if you don't need that then it appears to have most of the features any average Dropbox user would require. There's even drag and drop to move or copy files into Dropbox, and notifications for shared folder invites. If you're interested in trying the app on Windows 10 then it's available immediately from the Windows Store.