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Jeb! super PAC sent out video players to get people to watch The Jeb Story

Jeb! super PAC sent out video players to get people to watch The Jeb Story

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Andrew Burton/Getty Images

A super PAC supporting Jeb Bush really wants some people to watch the Jeb Bush documentary it made. Like a misguided friend who sends you their art projects in the mail, Right to Rise USA recently sent a "select universe of influencers, donors, and core supporters" a digital video player saddled with a 15-minute video called The Jeb Story, The Washington Post reports.

How much did it cost to mail what is literally a YouTube video to this "universe of influencers?" you may ask. The answer may surprise you, for a source close to the plans told the Post that the cost per player was "far less than a good bottle of Scotch" — an apt and useful comparison for people who like to measure the value of every purchase against how many bottles of Scotch they could have bought instead. But sure, that's probably cheap enough, especially considering it reportedly cost the super PAC six figures to even make the documentary.

Doug here got one of these video players, and he called it "iPad mini-esque," which sounds accurate if by "iPad mini-esque" he meant "kind of like an envelope." It apparently plays on a loop until you close it, like a talking greeting card or a Furby. Right to Rise has raised more than $100 million so far to back Jeb, according to the Post.