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Here's the first trailer for Key & Peele's kidnapped kitty caper Keanu

It's like John Wick with an adorable cat and way more George Michael

Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key are working on a ton of projects now that Key & Peele's Comedy Central run is finished, and Keanu might be the most promising. The movie's first trailer is available now, and it looks like the duo are going to juggle their typically incisive treatment of masculinity and race with a straightforward, badass action extravaganza. When the kitten Rell (Peele) adopts after a bad breakup is kidnapped by the notorious 17th Street Blips, he and Clarence (Key) are forced to navigate their city's criminal underworld to pull off a daring rescue mission. Will their vocal resemblance to John Ritter and fondness for George Michael's greatest hits undermine their drug dealing shtick? You'll have to wait a while to find out: Keanu hits theaters on April 29th.