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Ending the holy war? Pope meets with Tim Cook after visit with Eric Schmidt

Ending the holy war? Pope meets with Tim Cook after visit with Eric Schmidt

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Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Pope Francis met with Apple CEO Tim Cook today — a week after he sat down with former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. iOS and Android fans might be hoping that if anyone can heal the rift between these two warring belief systems, it'll be the head of the Roman Catholic Church (and a former bouncer). However, we're sure Cook and the Pope had a lot of other topics to cover: who's better at avoiding taxes in Europe, Apple or The Vatican; and whether or not sweet, delicious apples really deserve to signify original sin?

Whatever's on the table, though, it'll be a quick chat. The meeting with Cook was spotted by Business Insider on the Pope's daily schedule, which notes that from 11.30AM to 11.45AM local time, the Holy Father would be seeing "Signor Timothy Donald Cook, Amministratore Delegato di Apple."

Of course, it's possible that the Pope had other things to discuss than the respective virtues of Apple and Google's mobile operating systems. (At any rate, Francis is already a known iPad user.) Both Cook and the Pope are committed environmentalists, and the pair might also have chatted about the role of corporations in society. The Pope has condemned the pursuit of profit above all as "the dung of the devil," and stressed the need for companies to contribute to society, while Apple recently settled an investigation of tax fraud in Italy with a payment of €318 million ($348 million). What good timing.