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Japan Display developing OLED screens, sparking new iPhone rumors

Japan Display developing OLED screens, sparking new iPhone rumors



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Japan Display has said it will begin mass producing OLED displays within the next two years, according to Reuters. The move by Japan Display, a joint venture between Sony, Toshiba, and Hitachi, is largely seen as an attempt to compete with Asian rivals Samsung and LG amid rumors that future Apple iPhones may use OLED displays.

The news isn't super surprising: last month reports began to surface that Japan Display may start making OLED displays, although some have speculated that an OLED iPhone wouldn't ship until 2018. The iPhone has been made with an LCD display since its launch in 2007.

OLED, or organic light emitting diode, displays are lighter and thinner than LCD displays, and can offer more vibrant colors and greater contrast. Some smartphones, including Samsung's flagship phones, already use a kind of OLED display (which Samsung calls Super AMOLED).

The manufacturing processes around OLED displays are generally more expensive than those around LCD displays. But, when you have a giant cash pile...

Apple declined to comment on reports of its plans to ship a phone with an OLED display.