New trailers: Suicide Squad, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Fuller House, and more

All the shows and movies you should be looking out for


How's everyone doing at catching up on the Oscar nominees? I went to see The Revenant last weekend, which gets me one closer. I'm probably going to skip Bridge of Spies, and Brooklyn is a hard Maybe for me. So there's really only one major title left on my to-do list, and that's Room. That's just if we're talking best picture, though. Some of the foreign language noms look fantastic, especially Son of Saul, which has a new trailer out this week and is expanding into more theaters. For that and the rest of this week's best previews, see below. There's 11 in total.

Suicide Squad

Everyone seems to be uneasy about how Batman v. Superman is going to turn out. But Suicide Squad? That's a very different story. Maybe it's the use of Queen in this new trailer, or maybe it's everything about the way Margot Robbie is handling Harley Quinn, but there's a lot to like about the way Suicide Squad is looking. It's boisterous, colorful, and unlike (most of) what Marvel's doing. Sure, there's some Guardians in it. But who cares? More rock and roll superheroes, please. It's out on August 5th.

10 Cloverfield Lane

I finished writing last week's trailer roundup on Thursday, which meant that I missed one very critical trailer that came out early Friday morning: this surprise announcement for 10 Cloverfield Lane. It's a great trailer that sticks to what J.J. Abrams' studio does so well. It's fun, tense, eerie, and leaves you wondering what on Earth is happening. Because, seriously, is this a sequel to Cloverfield? Or is it something more devious? It's out on March 11th.

Fuller House

It's only 14 seconds long, but this teaser still has the shot that Full House fans have been waiting for. Fuller House arrives on February 26th.


You can see Judd Apatow's fingerprints all over in the first trailer for Love, a new series of his that's headed to Netflix next month. The show looks like it continues to mine the kind of sweet, awkward moments in friendships and relationships that his titles are so well known for. Some of the beats may feel a bit like you've seen them before, but that doesn't ruin any of their charm. The first season debuts February 19th, and Netflix has already put in an order for a second.


Things I'm digging about this trailer: all of the dialogue, everything with Shosh (pink hair = great, Japan = great), and the fact that it makes so much sense that Ray uses a Lumia. Things I don't like about this trailer: the Kindle Fire orange color used for the logo. Season five starts on February 21st.


Are you a Key & Peele fan? Watch this. Have you never heard of Key & Peele but still have literally any sense of humor? Watch this. It's great. Keanu is out on April 29th.

Pee-wee's Big Holiday

Even though Paul Reubens has kept popping up as Pee-wee Herman here and there for years, it's been nearly three decades since he last made a movie as his famously goofy and inventive character. Thanks to Netflix, Herman is back, and a first trailer for his new movie arrived this week. It'll premiere on March 18th.

The Girlfriend Experience

Steven Soderbergh is helping adapt his 2009 film about the life of an escort into a TV series, and this week Starz put out a first real look at it. The new Girlfriend Experience follows a woman who's starting to step into the world of sex work while at the same time making her way through law school. The trailer is filled with revealing shots that are clearly aimed at getting straight men interested in the series for reasons other than its character work; there really does seem to be a compelling drama buried beneath all of that, but we may have to wait for another trailer — or the show's April 10th premiere — to find out.

Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World

Werner Herzog dives into the world of robotics in his new documentary, Lo and Behold. This first trailer makes it seem like a joy to watch, with people deep in the field discussing their wildest ideas about the future. The documentary premieres at Sundance this month, so it'll likely be out wide later this year.

Son of Saul

Son of Saul is up for the Oscar for best foreign language film, and you don't have to see much footage to understand how beautiful and horrifying it might be. The film is about a Jewish prisoner who's forced to assist the Nazis during World War II and comes upon the body of someone who might be his son. It's been playing in New York and LA for a couple weeks now, but it's starting to expand to other major cities over the next month.

A War

A War is another of the foreign language Oscar nominees. The film flips between a man at war in Afghanistan and his family back in Denmark, both struggling after he makes a decision that gets civilians killed. It'll be in theaters on February 12th.

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