[Update] Google Overtook Apple in Enterprise Value, Market Cap Next?


Vlad posted an article in jest about Apple stock falling due to the iPhone battery case, but I ran across another analysis and scenario playing out, namely Alphabet, Google's now parent company, closing in on Apple for most valuable tech company (market cap).



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Alphabet reports earnings on February 1st, and Apple on January 26th.

So, what do you think?

Is the China market slowing down to cause a further weakening in Apple's stock,? Will Google exceed expectations?Could Google in this scenario could make up the 9% difference in market cap and overtake Apple?

Or, will the status quo remain, Apple maintains its lead, but it remains neck-and-neck in market cap?

Or Apple blew out the last quarter over the holidays and the recent drop in value was only a blip, Apple regains its footing and improves upon its low PE ratio?

I'd do a pole, but let's hear what you think instead. (Edit: It will be interesting to check back in the first week of February to see who was right.)

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[Update] Reading a bit further, I discovered on Financial Times, that the metric "enterprise value" (EV) taking into consideration of market cap + debt - cash), Alphabet surpassed Apple. More info at FT here: Link and a definition of EV here: Wikipedia