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Atari is bringing 100 classic games to PC

You can finally throw away that old Atari 2600 you've been hanging on to all of these years: Atari is releasing a massive collection of classic games on PC later this year. The bundle will include iconic titles like Asteroids, Warlords, and Tempest, for a total of 100 games. It's not exactly hard to find a copy of Centipede thanks to the multitude of Atari collections that have been released over the years, but the scale of this release makes it among the most definitive. It also includes a few upgrades, adding local and online multiplayer options to several games, as well as support for the Steam Controller — though of course you'll be missing out on the iconic box art from the original releases. No release date has been announced just yet, but the Atari Vault is expected to launch this spring.