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New Apple Watch designs reportedly coming in March

New Apple Watch designs reportedly coming in March


And Apple Watch 2 may arrive in September

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Apple's preparing a few new band options for the Apple Watch and plans to unveil them in March, according to 9to5Mac. Earlier this month, Apple accidentally leaked a black version of the Milanese Loop steel mesh band; the images and store listing were removed soon thereafter. So there's one new design, but there's no telling what else Apple has been working on. According to the report, Apple will both showcase the new styles at its rumored March event and announce the release of watchOS 2.2, a software update that adds some small features to Maps and lets iPhones sync with multiple Apple Watch devices.

A second-generation Apple Watch is "tracking" for a debut in September, 9to5Mac says. The fall timeframe makes sense and would come two full years after Apple revealed the original model. lt also keeps the hardware release cycle in sync with iPhone, the Watch's companion product. 9to5Mac notes that there may end up being no March event if a third product — likely the iPad Air 3 — isn't ready in time to be showcased on stage. In that case, Apple could instead decide to launch the iPhone 5SE and new Apple Watch designs on its website.

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