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Apple manager in charge of electric car project is departing: WSJ

The manager in charge of Apple's electric car project for the past two years is leaving the company, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Steve Zadesky is a 16-year veteran of the company, and the departure, according to the paper, is for personal reasons not related to his performance. His last day has not yet been set. So little is known about the internal workings of Apple, especially for those working outside the C-suite, that it's not clear how this will affect the company and its rumored (but never confirmed) efforts to build an electric car.

"While the departure of Apple’s head of automobile efforts may seem like a blow, the reality is Apple has enough money and potential to bring in almost anyone they desire," says Akshay Anand, analyst with Kelley Blue Book. "This shouldn’t railroad Apple’s efforts and the rumors that they are indeed focused on becoming a player in the automotive space."

Zadesky previously worked at Ford and had reportedly been in charge of tripling the size of Apple's team developing and building the car, whatever it might end up looking like.