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Best Buy is giving a Gear VR to buyers of a Note 5 or Galaxy S6 today

Best Buy is giving a Gear VR to buyers of a Note 5 or Galaxy S6 today

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The Gear VR is pretty much a must-have if you own one Samsung's top-of-the-line Galaxy Phones. It's a wonderful, if imperfect, introduction to virtual reality that's relatively attainable at only $100. But there's an even better deal happening on it right now at Best Buy: it's offering a Gear VR for free alongside most purchases of a Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, or Galaxy S6 Edge+. The offer only runs through the end of today — so if you've been considering upgrading, now wouldn't be such a bad time. All of these phones are at relatively late points in their release cycles, too, so their prices have dropped. The S6, for instance, started at around $685 on AT&T, whereas it now sells for $585.

The one small catch with this deal is that Best Buy is only including a Gear VR with phones activated on a specific carrier — it isn't being offered alongside unlocked devices. That's probably not an issue for most people, however. As long as you choose a carrier, the Gear VR should be automatically added to your cart. You generally still have the choice of how to buy it, too, either by paying on a monthly installment plan or paying it all up front (in some cases, Best Buy is even still offering on-contract pricing, somehow).