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Vine boss leaves Twitter to join Google

Vine boss leaves Twitter to join Google


Jason Toff is returning to Google to work on virtual reality

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It's been a torrid weekend for Twitter, with the company reeling from the departure of multiple high-level executives. Company co-founder and recent CEO appointee Jack Dorsey has confirmed that key figures like Kevin Weil, head of product, and Katie Stanton, global media chief, are leaving. What he didn't address was the fact that the general manager for Twitter's short-video sharing service Vine is also on his way out.

Toff had been leading Vine's New York team since the beginning of 2014, prior to which he'd worked at YouTube. He's now heading back to Google to work on the "exciting potential" of virtual reality applications. Evidently, it's proven more exciting and alluring than anything going at Vine, whose future looks as shaky and uncertain as that of Twitter itself. Twitter remains phenomenally influential, but the company's initiatives to capitalize on its popularity to generate profit have proven ineffectual. The TWTR stock price is now as low as it's ever been, reflecting a lack of investor confidence. Jack Dorsey's foremost task for the next few weeks will be to reorganize Twitter's leadership team and rekindle optimism about Twitter's future.