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Mark Zuckerberg faces impossibly stressful fashion decisions

Mark Zuckerberg faces impossibly stressful fashion decisions

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Preparing to head back to Facebook's headquarters after a two-month paternity leave, Mark Zuckerberg was met with a challenge today: gray T-shirt #4 or navy hoodie #3? The billionaire CEO posted a photo of his office wardrobe and, if you've ever seen a photograph of Mark Zuckerberg, you've already seen the extent of what's inside. Below is a photo captured in January 2013, in which both items are masterfully paired. The Zuckerberg look has persisted for years and years; it's already outlived many Facebook projects, and you can count on that continuing.

Credit where it's due: the man has seized upon a look that he wears well, just as Steve Jobs did before him — and Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has tried to do each January at CES. Though the shirts look identical from this perspective, history tells us that some feature Facebook icons and others do not. Similar to how you don't often wear a band's T-shirt to their own concert, Zuck needn't represent his brand on his chest day in and day out. Notably absent from the January 2016 closet are brown T-shirt, a staple of "Mark Zuckerberg" Google image search results, and awkward-fitting suit, which Zuckerberg is regrettably forced to wear when dealing with world leaders who don't yield enough influence to wear the same outfit every day.

He's living the dream, people. The fashion crowd may shake its head in disgust, but be honest with yourself: if you could wear the same, comfortable uniform constantly without friends, family, and colleagues growing increasingly concerned, wouldn't you? Maybe that's something to look forward to in our VR future.

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