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Wikia is now making original pop culture content

Wikia is now making original pop culture content

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Wikia, the pop culture network for fans of everything from The X-Files to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is branching out into original content. Wikipedia and Wikia chairman Jimmy Wales has launched Fandom, a new site with its own editorial staff that will focus on making stories and videos catering directly to Wikia's communities.

Giving passionate fans a voice

"We have this passionate group of people," said Wales ahead of today's official launch. "Now they’ve got a voice." The new site already has a full blogroll of content, including aggregated news about the CW's Arrow and a Star Wars: The Force Awakens listicle. It's clear that the site aims to be the portal fans head to for all their pop culture needs.

Of course, Fandom is entering a crowded marketplace full of sites designed for entertainment devotees, as well as established outlets with plenty of industry access. How the site will differentiate itself against its new competition is an open question that will need answering.