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Apple finally brought its podcast app to the new Apple TV

It's about time

As part of the latest update for the new Apple TV, the company has finally brought its podcast app to the set-top box. It was a strange oversight as a podcast app has been available on older Apple TVs for years, but somehow was left off the newer, more expensive, more powerful Apple TV.

The podcast app was initially a part of the tvOS 9.2 beta, but Apple saw it fit to release it early in today's release of tvOS 9.1.1. The tvOS 9.2 update will bring Bluetooth keyboard support, folders, and an updated app switcher when it's released to the public later this year. The rest of this update is mainly minor bug fixes, but if you own an Apple TV and have been hankering to hear some of your favorite podcasts — possibly some of ours! — through your home entertainment system, today is your lucky day.