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Astronaut Scott Kelly joins Tumblr to post blizzard photos from space

Scott Kelly/Tumblr

Astronaut and social media aficionado Scott Kelly has joined Tumblr, and his first post is a stunning collection of storm photos captured from the International Space Station. Kelly included a rare shot of the blizzard that tore across the East Coast this past week in the gallery, noting in his post how it was "remarkably visible from space."

Kelly has been tracking the blizzard on Twitter this past week, posting photos on Friday and Saturday showing the scope of the storm as it developed. His inaugural Tumblr post, titled "Chasing Storms at 17,500mph," also includes some of the more breathtaking 2015 weather shots he's captured from his post 250 miles above Earth.

Just within the last hour, Kelly took time out to commemorate his 304th day aboard the ISS with a photo of Earth as a portion of it loses sunlight. Kelly, who holds the US record for longest cumulative time spent in space, wraps up his one-year mission as commander of the ISS in March. His efforts will help scientists better understand how the human body reacts to long periods of time spent orbiting our planet.