XPS13 vs XPS15


It's time to shelve the old workhorse, a Sandy Bridge era Asus.

I've narrowed it down to either an XPS13, or 15. The price of the two models is very similar, with the 15 being $100 cheaper.

The XPS13 has a 1080p screen, dual core 15, 8gbs RAM, and a 256gb SSD. The XPS 1515 is also the 1080p one, with a quad core i5, 960m graphics, 8gb ram, and a 1tb HDD with 32gb SSD.

I use my laptop in two main use cases - at home, on a desk, and at uni. In my mind, the XPS13 would be better for Uni, as it's lighter and more portable, but the XPS15 would be better for home, as it's more powerful.

I'm leaning towards the XPS 15. I think it should be portable and long lasting enough to get taken into uni and used for lighter tasks on battery without any issues, and it's faster and more powerful for when it's at home plugged in. Also, it's a lot easier to upgrade the SSD later on, and possibly even the battery, if I can get my hands on an 84 watt model.

I haven't ruled out the XPS13 thought - the SSD is definitely nicer than a HDD with SSD cache, and the battery life is better.

Would appreciate thoughts/opinions on the two, also user opinions from anyone who owns either of the models.

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