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The Blade Runner sequel will start filming in July

The Blade Runner sequel will start filming in July


But we're still waiting on a title and release date

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Details regarding the long-awaited Blade Runner sequel have been slowly coming into focus over the last year, and another came into view yesterday morning. According to Deadline, the movie is going to enter production this July. Denis Villeneuve (the director of movies like Enemy and Sicario) is teaming up with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, and the movie is going to be shot by cinematographic legend Roger Deakins (a frequent Villeneuve collaborator). Its plot is still largely a mystery, but we know that Ford's Rick Deckard is going to play a supporting role in a story set several decades after the original movie's 2019 conclusion.

Parent studio Alcon Entertainment has targeted a summer 2016 production date for at least a year. The July filming date doesn't represent a massive change in the movie's schedule, but it's exciting to watch a project come into frame slowly, especially when it's linked to a movie as beloved and influential as the original Blade Runner. (Of course, the market for Harrison Ford-based franchise revivals is rather hot right now.) We still don't know what this new chapter's called or when it's being released, but it's definitely on the horizon.