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Spotify launches video shows on iPhone and Android

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True to yesterday's report, Spotify has just launched its video channel with content from ESPN, Comedy Central, MTV, BBC, Vice News, Slate, and others. On both Android and iOS, you can get to Spotify's videos by tapping the "Browse" section, and then choosing "Shows." Below the featured row you'll see two choices: video shows, and also audio shows; Spotify has been serving up podcasts for several months now, but the video debut has taken longer.

If you're like me and prefer to use Spotify solely as a music app, you'll appreciate this stuff being somewhat hidden away — at least until video inevitably winds up as part of the main navigation menu. Spotify's in this thing to make money, after all. Once you've picked a show or video partner, you can hit the follow button to add said content to your library. Browsing through the early selection, it's pretty much exactly what you'd expect: small snippets of things like The Daily Show, short SportsCenter clips, and so on. I honestly don't know why you'd ever use Spotify for this stuff instead of YouTube or the ESPN app, but maybe I'm not getting this whole "shows" thing.