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Pikachu is Sherlock in this new Nintendo 3DS game

The year of Pokemon continues. 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the iconic franchise, and Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are celebrating in multiple ways, including a Super Bowl commerciala Nintendo 3DS bundlean augmented reality mobile game, and an arcade fighting game on Wii U. But today comes the most surprising (and amazing) announcement yet: Pikachu is going to star in a detective game. (The concept was hinted at several years ago, but this is our first real look at it).

The game — which loosely translates to Great Detective Pikachu — stars everyone's favorite electric rat as a crime-solving gumshoe, complete with a deerstalker hat a la Sherlock Holmes. He even talks, because it's hard to interrogate criminals if you only say "pika." Unfortunately, there's no word yet on if or when the game will be available in English, but it's launching soon in Japan, hitting the Nintendo 3DS as a digital download on February 3rd.