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The Chickening is a NSFW, poultry-covered remix of The Shining

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The Chickening, a surreal short film that screened at Sundance 2016, is like a high-touch TV pilot for Adult Swim. Director / animators Nick DenBoer and Davy Force have spliced, warped, and reanimated The Shining into a five-minute movie trailer featuring a mustachioed Danny; a chicken-pitching Jack Torrance; and a space alien Dick Halloran, whose sexual organs — if I'm reading this correctly — have been replaced with a live chicken head. Consider that my NSFW warning.

Does every bit work? Oh gosh, no! The short can be downright off-putting. "Where," you may ask while watching The Chickening, "are that man's privates?" I have no answers, only more questions.

I'm leaving comments open so you can share which combination of Stanley Kubrick movie and fast food you'd like to see next. Catch you at the Barry Lyndon-Berry Drenched Waffle-a-teria!