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Google cuts Nexus 5X and 6P prices by $50 for Valentine's Day promotion

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Google's Nexus line just became even more affordable. The Nexus 5X, Google's smaller 5.2-inch smartphone, received a permanent $30 price cut earlier this month, and now Google is bringing its price down by another $50 for a limited Valentine's Day promotion. You can pick up an unlocked 16GB 5X for $299 or a 32GB model for $349, which is a solid deal for a very capable mid-tier handset.

The larger Nexus 6P is also available for $50 off if you buy the new matte gold version, putting that model's retail price at $449 for the 32GB unit and $499 for double the storage. Google is also offering a $50 credit towards any future purchase of a Huawei Watch if you buy the 6P in any color. Google doesn't disclose on its storefront when the promotions will end, but a company spokesperson confirmed to The Verge the deals are limited-time offers in place through February 14th.

Update 8PM ET, Tuesday, January 26th: Updated with comment from Google to confirm the deals are available for a limited time and are not permanent.