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Kanye West's new album is now called Waves

Kanye West's new album is now called Waves

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Days after Kanye West announced that work was completed on long-awaited new record Swish and posted the tracklist for what he believes will be "the best album of all time," something major about its release has changed: Swish is no more, and now we're all waiting on Waves.

West later tweeted an updated and embellished version of the tracklist for The Album Formerly Known As Swish, adding a new track and suggesting possible involvement from A$AP Rocky, The-Dream, and Swizz Beatz:

If you're keeping count, that's the third official title for West's seventh album, though we can't say we weren't warned even after So Help Me God gave way to Swish.

West's fifth album was also expected to be called Good Ass Job before that was ditched for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

So then. Waves, or whatever it ends up being titled for real, will be out on February 11th and see a live premiere at Madison Square Garden also screened in theaters.

Update January 26th 9:45PM ET: Added second tweet with new tracklist photo.

Update January 27th 1:45PM ET: West tweeted another updated version of the now-infamous legal pad tracklist this afternoon, one that's drowning in new names. There are plenty of notable additions, including potential guests like Chance the Rapper, Doug E. Fresh, and Earl Sweatshirt; engineers and performers like Noah Goldstein and Mike Dean; and a few sisters-in-law, namely Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian. The tweet is embedded below.