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Amazon buys Sundance comedy Wiener-Dog from Todd Solondz

Amazon buys Sundance comedy Wiener-Dog from Todd Solondz

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Amazon purchased the Todd Solondz-directed comedy Weiner-Dog at Sundance this week, Variety reports, bringing its total purchase count at the festival up to five. Amazon has been the most aggressive buyer so far at Sundance, with Netflix trailing close behind with three film purchases. Some of the bigger studios, like Fox and Universal, have been less active in the bidding wars this week, The New York Times reports.

Amazon and Netflix are the most aggressive buyers this year

Weiner-Dog tells the story of a dachshund as he travels from owner to owner. The Verge's Emily Yoshida noted in her recap that the dog seems to lose significance as the film goes on, and that Solondz "doesn't seem to believe in the emotional possibilities" of the premise he sets up.

Amazon has also purchased the tragic indie Manchester by the Sea; Author: The JT LeRoy Story, a documentary about a mysterious writer; Complete Unknown, a movie that stars Rachel Weisz as a dinner guest with a fake identity; and Love & Friendship, a drama based on an early story from Jane Austen.

Netflix so far has purchased the Ellen Page dramedy Tallulah, a road trip comedy starring Paul Rudd called The Fundamentals of Caring, and the horror movie Under the Shadow. Both Amazon and Netflix are likely hoping to nab several more titles before Sundance ends on January 31st.