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Amazon's first-ever Super Bowl ad will star Alec Baldwin and Alexa

'Alexa, what's a snack stadium?'

Amazon is getting ready to air its first Super Bowl ad ever, and it's shining a spotlight on its leading bot. The company released a teaser for the commercial this morning, one in which Alec Baldwin and former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino — they're friends, apparently — are having trouble coming up with ideas for their Super Bowl party. That's where Alexa comes in, hanging out within an Echo in Baldwin's living room. When he's unfamiliar with the idea of a snack stadium, she replies, "A stadium built entirely of snacks." How concise! Baldwin's working on securing an architect, a five-star chef, and building materials for said snack stadium, and it sounds like Amazon will be showing off the fruit of his labor during the big game on February 7th.