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Facebook's new Like button options are coming 'in the next few weeks'

Facebook's new Like button options are coming 'in the next few weeks'

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Facebook users have been crying out for a "Dislike" button since, probably, the Like button was introduced. They aren't going to get it, but Facebook announced last year that it's been working on a way to make the Like button more expressive: it's adding in a number of other options — love, haha, wow, sad, and angry — which you'll be able to press in addition to Like. After testing the new options last year, Facebook finally has plans to roll them out to the US. They'll be arriving "in the next few weeks," according to what the company tells Bloomberg Businessweek.

The new options might not be noticeable to Facebook users right away. On mobile, they'll be hidden within the Like button: you'll have to press and hold Like for a moment before the new options — which Facebook calls "reactions" — pop up. From there, you can select one of the five new options, each of which is represented by a cute animated image. There was originally going to be a sixth option — "yay" — but Bloomberg says that Facebook removed it at some point over the past few months after determining that it wasn't "universally understood." You can read more about how Facebook created its new reactions feature in our story from when it was first announced. Bloomberg also has a nice profile on one of Facebook's leaders that discusses the new feature's development.

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