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Microsoft now owns

Microsoft now owns

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Rumors of a Microsoft Surface Phone have been fairly persistent in recent months. While the software giant isn't commenting on its plans, it has been busy scooping up Surface-related domains. A poster on Reddit spotted that Microsoft owns and has started redirecting it to the company's own Surface website. That doesn't confirm that Microsoft is making a Surface-branded phone, but it's clearly ready with a useful URL if the rumors are accurate.

Microsoft has also secured other Surface domains. and both forward to the Surface website, and while we've already seen the Surface Book announced it's unlikely we'll see a Surface-branded car appear anytime soon. Aside from wild speculation, all of these domains do point to Microsoft seeing Surface as its key hardware brand. Microsoft's Surface chief, Panos Panay, has called for a consistent design across the company's devices, and if the rumors are accurate it's one we might see tested in the form of a Surface Phone later this year.

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