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Google brings comments to its entire mobile office suite

Google brings comments to its entire mobile office suite

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Google Docs is where I live most of the time — primarily because it has robust collaborative and commenting features. It was basically the first office app to really nail online document collaboration in an approachable way and built a big lead and a big following because of it. But now that Microsoft is hard charging with competitive features in Office 365, Google is apparently feeling the pressure to keep pace. So today it's announcing an improvement to Google Docs — commenting is way easier across both desktop and mobile apps with Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

In Docs on the desktop, when you highlight some text a little button will pop up on the right, you can then click it and start commenting — before, you needed to remember a relatively arcane key combination. Google is also bringing comments to its mobile apps for Sheets and Slides on both iOS and Android.

We'll need to test out the new mobile experiences before we can fully say how much of an improvement they are – but having struggled with commenting on Google Docs on an Android tablet, I can definitely say that there was plenty of room for improvement. There's also apparently room for cake, as you can see in the remarkably twee video above that Google produced to announce new features. The updates for all three apps should be rolling out starting today.