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Here’s what the inside of a hoverboard looks like

Here’s what the inside of a hoverboard looks like


iFixit and Wirecutter break it down

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iFixit and The Wirecutter teamed up to tear down a hoverboard from Swagway, and published the results today. The company isn't necessarily the biggest offender when it comes to exploding hoverboards, even though its boards were pulled from Amazon back in December over safety concerns. But the post definitely helps shed some well-needed light under the hood.

iFixit's Andrew Goldberg handled the dismantling of what is Swagway's current model, the X1, which The Wirecutter provided. The verdict? The charger is "pretty safe," and the components inside the board itself were properly organized. There were a few surprises, too, like infrared sensors in the foot pads that recognize when you're actually standing on the board. (This way it won't take off without you.)

The team found a few small problems, like mismatched colors on the motor's power lines, and poor soldering on the battery protection board. There's a lot more insight in the teardown post, like which model of microprocessor or gyroscope are being used, so click through to find that (and many more photos, too). Swagway showed off a new, supposedly more explosion-proof version at CES, dubbed the "Swagtron," but we'll likely have to wait a few months before anyone gets a glimpse inside of that model.