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Pandora launches new Browse feature to help you discover new stations

Pandora launches new Browse feature to help you discover new stations

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Pandora is trying to make it easier for listeners to find music tailored to their tastes. The streaming service just launched Browse, a new hub within its iOS app that helps users discover new artists and stations they might actually like.

Browse offers selections of Pandora stations based on what users have previously listened to and the songs they've liked or disliked. Before today, music discovery on Pandora was limited to specific songs and artists, but Browse serves up stations organized around themes like artist, genre, and even mood. Users can also see what's playing on a station before adding it to their list and view "music metrics" to see how many people are listening to a specific artist or station.

Open Pandora's discovery box

Discovery has been a big part of most streaming services, but few platforms really seem to have gotten it exactly right yet. Apple Music's For You section is impressive but requires users to go through a lengthy set-up process before it understands their tastes. Tidal's Discovery section is small and chaotic. Spotify's Discover Weekly started off strong, but now often feels like it's hit or miss.

The move comes just a few months after Pandora acquired key assets of the now-defunct Rdio, but Pandora's chief product officer Chris Phillips told Venture Beat that Rdio's technology is not a part of Browse.

Pandora's iOS app also got a minimalist redesign today. A new "Fly-Out" menu in the top-left corner of the app gives users quick access to their settings, stations, and profile. Stations can be organized alphabetically or by recent listens. For now, Browse is only available for iOS in the US, Australia, and New Zealand. An Android version is expected in the coming months.