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T-Mobile adds Amazon Video to Binge On, makes it easier to turn off throttling

T-Mobile's doing two things with its Binge On program today: adding new partners including Amazon, and making it simpler for consumers to turn off what has fast become the company's most controversial "Uncarrier" perk. Starting today, Amazon Video, WWE Network, Fox News, and Univision are part of Binge On, meaning customers can stream video from those services at DVD quality without it counting towards their chosen T-Mobile data plan.

But, in response to growing net neutrality complaints and calls for the FCC to closely examine Binge On, T-Mobile has also made it much easier to disable the feature and view content at full quality. For one, you've now got the option of turning it off via shortcodes in your phone's dialer.Typing #BNG# and hitting send will show you whether it's currently enabled or switched off. #BOF# is the shortcode to turn off Binge On, and #BON# will reenable it.

Lastly, T-Mobile says it has "streamlined" accessing Binge On settings on its website and within the carrier's newly-updated Android app, which has just started rolling out now and will come to iOS within a few weeks. T-Mobile's been downright misleading of late, but controversy be damned, the company insists that customers are loving Binge On and "are already watching more than twice the video than before from the free services."