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Snapchat just made it a lot easier to find and add friends

Snapchat just made it a lot easier to find and add friends

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One of the most frustrating parts of using Snapchat is trying to find and add new people. You can either take a photo of a friend's BooR code (cumbersome), or search for their username (annoying, especially when usernames are weird and long). But today Snapchat has fixed that problem. The company has quietly added a new feature in its most recent update: the ability to grab a personalized URL (like to send to friends who want to follow you, The Next Web reports.

Snapchat doesn't want you to be lonely

Under the Add Friends section in the app's drop-down menu, there's now a new "share username" option. Tapping on it will give you a personalized URL to share with anyone you want. When a person clicks on the URL, the account it belongs to will immediately be added to that person's friend list.

Snapchat's entire function necessitates having friends who also use the app, so maybe this is an effort to make it easier for users without the snap power of DJ Khaled to grow the size of their follower group. Because if you add a snap to your story and no friends saw it, did the snap ever really exist?

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