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The first ever Electronic Music Awards are coming in April

And it will air on Fox

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

When it comes to being recognized by the Grammys, the two most neglected genres have been hip hop and electronic music. But while hip hop has had a number of its own award shows over the years including the BET Hip Hop Awards, electronic music hasn't had its own major gala to shine the light on its stars, until now. Fox will broadcast the first ever Electronic Music Awards & Foundation Show on April 23, according to Deadline.

The award show will be produced by the legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold and TV4 Entertainment, and will be recorded in Los Angeles on April 14. While Fox is claiming that the show will be attended by "electronic music’s leading artists, creatives, executives and visionaries," no major EDM artists have committed to the show as of yet. But hopefully everything will work out and artists will come out and support the industry so this won't turn into the electronic music equivalent of the Source Awards.