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Animal Collective's newest song is tucked inside an iOS fingerpainting app

Animal Collective's newest song is tucked inside an iOS fingerpainting app


If you want to hear 'Lying in the Grass,' you'll have to paint for it

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Baltimore rock veterans Animal Collective released a new single today, but you won't be able to find it on YouTube or SoundCloud. "Lying in the Grass" is embedded within the band's new iOS app, Painting With, which invites you to create brushes with your device's camera for fingerpainting by yourself or with friends. (The app shares its name with the band's forthcoming new LP.)

The song starts playing as soon as you enter the app's canvas area, and you can paint until the song has run its course. I tried to make a version of The Verge's signature Penrose triangle before time ran out, but I'm a terrible artist and I was working under a time constraint. This is the best I could do working alone:

painting with the verge

When you create something alongside a total stranger, it usually ends up turning into a complete mess. No matter the state of your painting when the song's finished, you can share pictures or video of your creative process to Twitter or Instagram. You can also follow along with a live feed of said submissions on the band's website. Finally, the app features a strobe light that "animates the zoetropic turntable slipmat included in the [Painting With] deluxe edition LP." If that sentence left you befuddled but you want to know what the animation looks like, you can check out a preview here.

"Lying in the Grass" is going to enjoy a more conventional release on February 1st, and Painting With will be released on February 19th. Have fun out there!