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Kevin Spacey bravely faces the next chapter of his career — talking animals!

Kevin Spacey bravely faces the next chapter of his career — talking animals!

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Kevin Spacey is one of those actors who never makes a bad call — from The Usual Suspects to A Bug's Life to American Beauty to House of Cards, the guy is a winner.

That's why I for one am thrilled for the intriguing new family drama, Nine Lives, in which he plays a cat. Or rather, a man. A man turned into a cat. Or rather, he provided the voice of a man, and later that voice was paired with a CG cat. Who knows! The film was directed by Barry Sonenfeld, who is best known for his work on the Men in Black movies, and not as well known for briefly serving as the Coen brothers' go-to cinematographer.

Kevin Spacey is an extremely powerful business man with a lot of money. He lives in Manhattan with his family, whom he neglects. Through magic, he becomes a cat named Mr. Fuzzy Pants — Christopher Walken is in on it somehow! Being a cat brings him closer to his human family, presumably (no spoilers).

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The best way to describe this exciting new project is a lot of ways:

  • The cat version of Shaggy Dog, a 2006 film in which Tim Allen neglects his family and is turned into a dog.
  • The cat version of Click, a 2006 film in which Adam Sandler neglects his family and Chrisopher Walken intercedes with magic.
  • The G-rated version of A History of Violence, a 2005 film about a father who hasn't been a great role model.
  • The married people version of A Talking Cat!?!, a 2013 film in which a cat helps two divorced parents fall in love.
  • The ostensibly heart-warming version of Donald Trump, a human man.
  • The Kevin Spacey version of Shallow Hal, a 2001 film via which the reputations of everyone involved were tarnished forever.
  • The progressive version of Mrs. Doubtfire, a 1993 film about how women are extremely fallible.
  • The 2016 version of Nine Lives, a 2002 film in which Paris Hilton is one of nine friends, each of whom has one life.

Can't wait to see it when it hits theaters! I'm purrrrrrrrr-ty sure I won't cry for any reason!