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Star Wars director says Episode IX will be shot on film

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Because using digital would be anachronistic

Colin Trevorrow, the director of Star Wars: Episode IX, say he wants to shoot the 2019 movie using real film not digital cameras. And why? Because using digital would be anachronistic. "I could never shoot Star Wars on anything but [film] because it's a period film: It happened a long time ago," said Trevorrow at a panel at Sundance Film Festival.

Trevorrow may have been joking about his reasons, but his commitment to film for Episode IX seems serious. After all, director J.J. Abrams shot Episode VII on film, and Rian Johnson will be using the same format for 2017's Episode VIII. During the panel talk titled "Power of Story: The Art of Film," Trevorrow said: "The only place where I tend to not be able to attach myself entirely to something shot digitally is when that's a period film. There's something in my brain that immediately says, 'Well, they didn't have video cameras then.'" He added that he shot Jurassic World on film because he didn't want the action scenes to "look like two computers fighting."

"Is it possible for us to shoot IMAX film plates in actual space for Star Wars?"

And shooting on film might not be enough realism for Trevorrow. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he said he'd asked if Episode IX could be shot "on location," saying: "I asked the question, 'Is it possible for us to shoot IMAX film plates in actual space for Star Wars,' and I haven't gotten an answer yet, but they've shot IMAX in space!" Fellow director Christopher Nolan, who was on the same panel, added: "Funny enough, we had that conversation with Interstellar. There's incredible footage from space now."

You can watch the full hour and a half panel below, with the discussion starting around 30 minutes in: