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Poncho’s daily weather forecasts are coming to an app

Poncho’s daily weather forecasts are coming to an app


With music customized to the weather!

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Poncho is a cat in a yellow raincoat, and it’s also a new app for iOS that promises to wake you up with music that tells you what the weather is like outside. An email to Poncho's current subscribers doesn't say when the app will be available, but does mention that users will be able to set a "Wake Up Weather" alarm that plays music customized to the day’s weather. It’s unclear what music will be played. Maybe "It’s Raining Men" for stormy days and "Walking on Sunshine" on hot summer mornings? We can only hope.


Poncho recently expanded its weather coverage to include all 48 continental US states. Subscribers currently receive a daily email with the day’s weather, pollen level, public transit status, and a predictor of whether their hair will be frizzy that day. It’s all presented with custom-written subject lines, emoji, and GIFs. The company also now integrates with Slack. Hopefully the app will be out soon, but considering how much cats like to nap, it might be a while.