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Microsoft has sold 19 million Xbox Ones, according to EA

Microsoft has sold 19 million Xbox Ones, according to EA

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As of late Microsoft hasn't been sharing specific sales figures for the Xbox One, but we now have an idea of how many units the console has sold — though the news doesn't come from Microsoft itself. During Electronic Arts' most recent financial call, the game publisher revealed what it estimated to be the combined sales of both the Xbox One and PS4. "Our estimate is 55 million units out there, which has exceeded virtually everyone's forecast for the year," EA CFO Blake Jorgensen explained, "and is now almost 50 percent higher than the previous console cycle."

At the beginning of January Sony boasted that it had sold more than 35.9 million PS4s — including 5.7 million during the holiday season — which means that, if EA's numbers are correct, the Xbox One has sold around 19 million units. The sizable difference is likely the reason we haven't heard sales figures directly from Microsoft in quite some time. The company revealed it sold 10 million units as of late 2014, but has been largely quiet since then, focusing instead on other metrics like the 30 percent increase in monthly active users on Xbox Live, which now top 48 million.

The Xbox One will have a number of exclusive titles in 2016 that could help boost sales, including Quantum Break, Gears of War 4, and Crackdown 3.

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