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Google Fiber may toss in phone service with its internet and TV packages

Google Fiber may toss in phone service with its internet and TV packages

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Google Fiber may be trying to become the antithesis to your friendly neighborhood ISP monopoly, but a new test program from the ultra-fast internet provider indicates the company may pursue a traditional triple-play package with the addition of phone service. Called Google Fiber Phone, the service would operate similar to Google Voice and direct mobile and landline phones to a single number operated by the company's network, according to The Washington Post, which obtained an email invitation from Fiber participants.

The invite to try the phone service has been going out to members of the Google Fiber Trusted Tester program for the past month. It's unclear which cities may have access to it at the moment and how much it will cost in addition to fiber internet and cable TV. Google Fiber currently has three tiers: a free internet service with 5Mbps download speeds, a 1-gigabit internet service for $70 a month, and a 1-gigabit service with cable for $130 a month. A Google spokesperson declined to comment.

Google may offer a triple-play package for internet, phone, and cable service

It seems strange for Google to try and offer a service most consumers have replaced with a mobile phone plan. Yet Google has indicated its ambitions to take on both ISPs and telecoms in the past. The company currently offers a mobile internet service called Project Fi. The program utilizes the networks of Sprint and T-Mobile and nearby Wi-Fi to offer phone and data service to Android smartphones and a data-only service to Android tablets and iPads. It's not farfetched to think Fi could tie-in with Google Fiber Phone in the future, considering both rely on Google Voice to provide a network backbone to make it all work with your phone number.