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Netflix is officially bringing back Gilmore Girls

Netflix is officially bringing back Gilmore Girls


But we're still waiting on plenty of details

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

We're heading back to Stars Hollow. Netflix and Warner Bros. have confirmed that Gilmore Girls is being revived on the streaming service in some form. Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and stars Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel are all on board for the show's new episodes, but details regarding the number of episodes being made and the revival's premiere date haven't yet been announced.

The revival has been rumored since a TVLine report in October, and photos from the set leaked in January, prompting significant anxiety among some of The Verge's staffers. Netflix content chief Ted Sarandos hinted at the project earlier today, listing Gilmore Girls as an example of a show Netflix was reviving, and Graham has since confirmed the revival on Twitter.

The reboot may come as a surprise to some, but it fits in with Netflix's recent push for reboots of old series with significant followings, a trend that's seen revived Netflix versions of Full House, Degrassi, Wet Hot American Summer and Mr. Show. Gilmore Girls stands out because of its popularity (the show has a massive cult following), the length of its initial run (seven seasons), and its recency (it was canceled under a decade ago). When the show's run finished in 2007, it had more to do with a contract dispute than a natural ending to the storyline; Netflix is giving Sherman-Palladino a chance to wrap up the Gilmore family story on her terms.