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Tesla delivered just 208 of its Model X crossovers last quarter

Tesla delivered just 208 of its Model X crossovers last quarter

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Tesla's Model X crossover finally arrived this fall after being delayed from its initially-planned 2013 launch, but only a scarce few actually got the highly-anticipated vehicles in their driveways. The company has revealed that it delivered just 208 Model X vehicles in the fourth quarter (the crossover launched just a few days before Q4 began). A total of 507 of the vehicles were made during the quarter — Tesla says it will deliver the remainder over the course of its first quarter.

That low, low number shouldn't come as a surprise, and it certainly isn't an indication of interest in the crossover, which has a months-long waitlist. Tesla has warned that deliveries would be small due to it slowly ramping up production. CEO Elon Musk said at launch that the company was producing just around five cars a week. That number has since grown exponentially; during the final days of 2015, Tesla was on pace to make 238 Model X vehicles weekly.

Fortunately for Tesla, the Model X's release boosted sales of the company's Model S sedan. The company delivered 17,192 Model S vehicles during the quarter — that's up 48 percent from the prior quarter, and 75 percent year-over-year.