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Watch people beat games at top speed all week during Awesome Games Done Quick

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It's no secret that gamers like to watch other people play video games, and over the course of the next week, you can do it for a good cause. Games Done Quick is back from today through next Sunday, January 10th, to raise money for The Prevent Cancer Foundation, during which time gaming experts will speedrun an impressive list of games. If you're new to this game, that means they'll try to beat games (with certain requirements based on the rules of each run) as quickly as possible.

There will be 155 runs over the week, ranging from classics like Final Fantasy VI and Super Mario World 64 to newer games like Ori And The Blind Forest and Hotline Miami. Streaming video games to raise money isn't a novel idea, but it's all good fun and it raises money in the process (be sure to donate).

Check out Games Done Quick for the exhaustive schedule of speedruns to find your favorite game, and if you're curious about what the requirements for each run mean (like Any% or Low%), check out our sister site Polygon for the rundown.

The streams started at noon today, so get watching! You can catch it all live on Twitch right on top of this page.