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Microsoft's free 15GB of OneDrive storage ends today

Microsoft's free 15GB of OneDrive storage ends today

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Microsoft reversed its decision to reduce its free OneDrive storage from 15GB to 5GB back in December. While the unlimited storage tier is still being removed, today is the last day to claim the free 15GB of storage. If you forgot to claim it back in December, you can opt-in to save your free storage over at Microsoft's special OneDrive site by the end of today.

The free storage will include the 15GB and the 15GB bonus for activating the camera roll features of OneDrive if you've already used the app on iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. Microsoft now plans to offer Office 365 Personal subscriptions to any OneDrive user that is using more than 5GB of free space. The free subscriptions will last for a year and provide 1TB of space during the subscription period.

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