Help me build my triple monitor setup


Here's the basics. I have around $1,300 for a triple monitor setup. I have two retina MBP (mid 2012 ) that I will be using to power these. Since neither of them can do 4K at the moment it's not a high priority of mine. The max resolution my laptops can output is 2560x1600. My ideal screen size is 24''-27''.

I do work full time as a computer programmer, but these would be for my home office. Mainly doing programming, netflix, web browsing, etc. I do also like the idea of being able to use them in portrait when I want to. I haven't ever done this, but the option intrigues me. I have a couple monitors in mind, but I'm really open to anything. Please help me :)

PS - Would love to hear your triple monitor mount suggestions too.