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Screenshots offer first look at Google Chrome updated for Material Design

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The Next Web

Chrome has looked much the same for years — despite Google's major Material Design push over the past couple of years. It looks like Chrome on desktop will soon get a fresh coat of paint, however, to match its iOS and Android versions.

The Next Web

Code included in the latest versions of the browser offers a sneak peek at what the updated version of the browser will look like, and at first glance, it's certainly not a drastic change. Screenshots posted by The Next Web definitely show Material Design's "flat" style is in full force here, with tabs that now have squared-off corners. The few buttons in Chrome's interface have also been updated, and they now have a ripple-style flourish when clicked, like many Android apps. There's also an all-black Incognito mode, and a simplified settings and downloads page. The famous "hamburger" menu icon has also been kicked to the curb.

No word on when we'll see the updated visual style hit Chrome on PCs and Macs, but it's definitely in the works.

The Next Web