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How to follow The Verge at CES 2016

What happens in Vegas... will be well documented on our social media accounts

In the middle of the Nevada desert sits a convention center. Near that convention center sits a trailer. Inside that trailer sits The Verge, ready to bring you updates on the zaniest gadgets, the weirdest speeches, the coolest upgrades, and the stupidest garbage that we see at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show.

It's our fifth CES, and we've brought more staff than ever to handle the massive flood of news and to tweet funny stuff about it. Below you'll find a list of every Verge writer, editor, videographer, and professional Snapchatter here in Vegas, as well as a list of those we left back on the ranch. You'll also find links to all of our social media channels, from which you can experience CES from every possible angle.

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Verge Editorial in Vegas

Nilay Patel

Dieter Bohn

Thomas Ricker

Helen Havlak

Chris Ziegler

Casey Newton

Walt Mossberg

Josh Dzieza

Ross Miller

Lauren Goode

Dan Seifert

Tom Warren

Vlad Savov

Kwame Opam

Jake Kastrenakes

Chris Welch

Adi Robertson

Sam Byford

Ben Popper

Loren Grush

Andrew Hawkins

Jamieson Cox

James Vincent

Sean O'Kane

Nick Statt

Jordan Golson

Kaitlyn Tiffany

Kirsten Firsina

Racked editorial in Vegas

Nicola Fumo

Verge editorial at home

Liz Lopatto

Michael Zelenko

Emily Yoshida

Chris Plante

Andrew Webster

Colin Lecher

Bryan Bishop

TC Sottek

Amar Toor

Arielle Duhaime-Ross

Rich McCormick

Dante D'Orazio

Micah Singleton

Lizzie Plaugic

Ashley Carman

Russell Brandom

Leah Christians

Verge video

Phil Esposito

Tom Connors

Mark Linsangan

Miriam Nielsen

Vjeran Pavic

Tyler Pina

James Temple

Andrew Marino

Matt Brigidi

Amelia Krales

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