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Sleep Number unveils low-cost smart bed to coach you on your sleeping habits

Sleep Number unveils low-cost smart bed to coach you on your sleeping habits


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The latest development in the internet of beds: an app that tells you exactly when and how to go to sleep. Sleep Number, which has made a variety of "smart" beds in recent years, announced the unfortunately named (but attractively priced) "it bed" at the Consumer Electronics Show today. It boasts a range of features for tracking and improving your sleep. If you've ever longed for a return to the days when a stern, remorseless adult would order you to bed, Sleep Number would like to have a word with you.

The it bed, styled in lowercase presumably to appeal to its target audience of millennials, includes the company's "SleepIQ" technology, which uses biometric sensors inside the bed to measure your heart rate, breathing rate, and relative restfulness. It also now has its own API, which integrates with health and fitness apps. A companion smartphone app takes information from both sources to make personalized recommendations to you on when you should go to sleep — and on which Sleep Number setting you should use during the night for maximum relaxation. (Sleep Number beds have dual air chambers whose firmness can be individually adjusted.)

The it bed comes much cheaper than the $8,000 X12, a similar smart bed that Sleep Number showed off at CES in 2014. It will be available later this year for around $1,000, the company said. More details are available at

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