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CES 2016 schedule: where to watch the biggest keynote live streams

CES 2016 schedule: where to watch the biggest keynote live streams

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As you're reading this, The Verge crew is preparing for the biggest day of CES, with dozens of major tech companies (think: Sony, Samsung, Intel, and more) taking to their respective stages to announce everything we'll be seeing on the show floor (and, indeed, more than a few concepts for the future).

Even if you can't be at CES — and statistically speaking, you're probably not here — you can still experience some of the biggest announcements in real time. Most of the major press conferences and keynotes will be streaming live, and you can find those streams below.

Of course, if you can't watch the live events for whatever reasons (technical, logistical, moral, temporal, ethical, or religious) or you can but still yearn for more, you can find all our CES coverage here.

Monday, January 4th

Nvidia (6PM PT / 9PM ET)

Last year, Nvidia made car integration a big part of its showcase, and it looks like the company will again play up its "digital cockpits" and autonomous driving.

Watch live at Nvidia's website. Follow along with our Nvidia live blog

Faraday Future (8PM PT / 11PM ET)

The very-secretive car company has made an equally vague teaser trailer for this week's press conference. Here's what we know: it'll unveil a "concept inspired by our design and engineering vision" — and that's about it.

Watch live at Faraday Future's website. Follow along with our Faraday Future live blog

Tuesday, January 5th

Ford (7:30AM PT / 10:30AM ET)

Rumor has it Ford will announce a self-driving car initiative with Google this week — that, or they'll spend an hour playing Forza 6 with the "official show vehicle" of CES.

Watch live at CNET. Follow along with our Ford live blog

LG (8AM PT / 11AM ET)

One of the show's behemoths will be here with what we can only assume will be phones, TVs, and weird takes on everyday appliances.

Watch live at LG's website. Follow along with our LG live blog

Panasonic (10AM PT / 1PM ET)

"A Better Life, A Better World" — that's the "brand promise" and theme for Panasonic at the show this week. So... probably TVs and cameras.

Watch live at CNET

Qualcomm (12PM PT / 3PM ET)

A teaser for Qualcomm's new Snapdragon Flight chipset had a drone dodging obstacles and capturing 4K video. If there isn't a live demo, Qualcomm has seriously screwed up.

Watch live at CNET

Casio (12PM PT / 3PM ET)

The Casio of CES 2015 was notable for watches, cameras, and a DJ controller that looked vaguely like the Millennium Falcon in certain lights. You can expect at least two out of three of those this year.

Watch live at YouTube

Samsung (2PM PT / 5PM ET)

All roads lead to fridge.

Watch live at Samsung's website

Sony (5PM PT / 8PM ET)

Previous Sony CES press conferences have featured drop-ins from the likes of Will Smith, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Usher, and Dr. Oz. I mean, yes, there will probably be gadgets, too — including (hopefully) some virtual reality — but what about the star power?

Watch live on Ustream

Intel keynote (6:30PM PT / 9:30PM ET)

Last year's Intel keynote was among the best, offering a glimpse at the future (according to Intel) and a dash of humor. We're not much closer to the future Intel promised, but another round of pontificating should be fun nonetheless.

Watch live at Intel's website

Volkswagen (8:30PM PT / 11:30PM ET)

Odds are pretty good VW will at least mention the emission scandal — but then quickly shift gears for a new Microbus. Microbus!

Watch live at Volkswagen's website

Wednesday, January 6th

Netflix (9AM PT / 12PM ET)

Reed Hastings is on deck to give a CES keynote this year, and I wouldn't be surprised if Kevin Spacey shows up to drop some brand-evangelizing snark in a conspicuously pointed Southern drawl.

Watch live at Netflix's website

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